Back in time

Transport De Rese can look back on a rich and broad experience in the transportation of goods on behalf of third parties. The company was established in 1965 by Mr. Gilbert De Rese, the father of the current company manager Marnix De Rese. With 1 truck he transported agricultural products (amongst other things flax) out of the  region of Zuienkerke all over Belgium. Because of a shortage of space the company was obliged, however, to move from Zuienkerke to the inner harbour of Zeebrugge. This was the starting point of continuous growth. With the arrival of large container ships in Zeebrugge additional trucks were purchased to start the container transportation. Some years later, with the opening of the Transport zone in Zeebrugge new offices were built.

This zone became the home base of Transport de Rese for 15 years. In that time the activities of the transportation of bulk and dangerous goods were extensively elaborated. In that same period the “Zeebrugse Stockagebedrijf De Rese” was established with the construction of a warehouse in the industrial park “De Blauwe Toren” in Bruges with an overall storage capacity of 3000 m2, mainly used at that time for the storage and the transhipment of flax and wool products.   For the centralisation of our activities and a yet better customer service for our customers, taking into account the continuous growth of the company, the firm moved at the beginning of 2004 to a new and bigger office space in the industrial park “De Blauwe Toren”, between Bruges and Zeebrugge.  We are looking forward to the future …!